Friday, October 02, 2009

Day 24 -

Most of us were raised with the idea that we have to work hard for a living. This belief can block our receiving.

I was talking to an artist the other day, who told me that they’d like to start charging more for their work, but they didn’t spend as much time in the studio “as they should.” I saw that old belief working – and reminded the artist that people didn’t pay for time spent in the studio – they paid for talent. They paid for the artists’ talent with colours, perspective, light and design. They also paid for their own feelings that were evoked when looking at the painting.

Granted a painting that does all that could take a large chunk of time – or it might be something that happened easily – but it’s not the effort, it’s the consciousness that is being purchased.

You might think – ‘well, I’m not a painter, I work in an office’ … you are still being paid for your skills, your talent.

Believing in this old adage means that anytime you think you’re not working hard enough, your receiving will reflect that.

You do not have to “work hard for a living!!” Change your thinking. Acknowledge the gifts you are bringing to your work, and be grateful you have the ability to serve in what ever position you are in.

Prosperity is all about consciousness. I KNOW you will see a greater inflow by changing this belief!!

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