Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 44 –

Dr. Holmes, author of the Science of Mind, calls worry ‘negative prayer.’

This came to mind because someone talked to me this morning about waking up every day with concern about how things were going to work out.

If this is happening to you – stop it! You do not want worry being your morning prayer!

How can you stop it? Some ideas:
- The night before set an intention to wake up feeling happy.
- Put a happy music CD in your player and push that button immediately upon waking – or use an alarm clock that is a CD player and have music wake you up.
- As soon as you notice what you’re doing, stop and say “This is not my Reality” and then declare what your Reality is.

If we begin our day with negative prayer, we are setting up a radiating energy that will attract negativity to us. This is not conducive to a prosperity consciousness.

The Truth is there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything is in Divine Right Order. Our consciously aligning with this Truth will open doors of opportunity and remove the blocks we might have had to our abundance!

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