Monday, October 12, 2009

Day 33 –

Someone told me that when they looked at their original intention, and realized the Campaign was half over – they began to doubt - and asked “How do you get out of doubt?”

One – Remember that our thoughts and feelings are radiating a vibration. Do we want to radiate doubt and thereby attract experiences that lead us into more doubt?
Or do we want to radiate Trust and thereby attract experiences that lead us into trusting at a deeper level?

Two – Remember how the Law worked in our lives before – remind yourself “Hey – it worked then, it will work now!” The Law is automatic – it has no ability to change its mind and decide not to work.

Three – Distract yourself. Doubt thoughts become insidious, playing over and over again. Distract yourself!! Think about something else. Focus on God! In doubting it is like we are telling God how big our problems are – tell the problems how big our God is instead!!

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