Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 41

It’s a good day to pray:

Read the following Spiritual Mind Treatment with as much feeling and belief as you can – I have written it in the first person to make it easier to do so:

There is only One Life – this Life is God’s Life – and this is the Life I am living. In this Life is all the power of the Universe – all the love of the Universe – and It is all for me!!

This Power works for me by working through me – therefore I now make these declarations:
I am ready and willing to receive more good in my life.
I am open to the blessings of abundance today and everyday.

As I make these declarations I see myself experiencing their manifestation in my mind’s eye. I feel what it feels like. And it is good. I trust the Law to work wonders for me as I see and feel these things. I know they are embodied deep in my subjective mind.

I release these words to spiritual Law – knowing the Law works. I am so grateful I can use these Principles to benefit my life and the lives of the people around me. I know they are working for everyone in this campaign!

And so it is

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