Friday, February 20, 2009

Round 5, Day 41

We can make bigger buckets. We cannot make a bigger law. The law knows nothing about big and little. It knows to do. Since there is such a Law and we are always using it, we are all receiving from life an objective equivalent of our inward mental attitudes. If we wish more we must increase our expectancy, we must identify ourselves with more. The law being absolute, can produce what we call a big thing as easily as what we term a small thing. Mind is a mirror, automatically reflecting our images of thought, be that good, bad or indifferent, large, medium or small, as we measure things.
Ernest Holmes

This is a great quote. And what ‘more’ should we identify ourselves with?? Why God of course!! God being all – there could never be a lack of God!

Use your Prosperity Notebook today to journalize about the everpresent giving Nature of The Divine. What you contemplate, you will become.

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