Friday, January 26, 2007

Day 23 of Round 2

This week we've been focusing on Trusting .... letting go of all we are afraid of, and opening up to the glory of The Divine, expressing in, through and as us.

What does this have to do with being rich? Fear blocks the flow ... a natural flow that is consistantly being given. Now we open the floodgates with awareness and gratitude.

Let's Pray:

Recognizing the One Powerful Presence that is the Source and Substance of all, including myself ... I now declare:

I am ready and willing to be all I can be. I am willing to let go of all that has not served me up until now. I let go of my littleness, my fears, my settling for less-than.

I am willing to be a greater receiver.
I choose to Trust! I trust that Infinite Intelligence is working for me, through me and always will.

I celebrate my good.
I spend time in gratitude. I claim this Spiritual Mind Treatment as truth. I release it into spiritual law, knowing the Law always works.
And so it is.

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DreamTime Publishing said...

Rev. Angelica,

First, thanks so very much for your emails and the good vibes and light you put out to help others. Many, many thanks.

Second, I just want to chime in that trusting the Universe/Infinite Intelligence DOES work. Less than a year ago, an idea was given to me while meditating to start a publishing company, and the entire process since then has been one of listening and trusting. I am now grateful to say that I just found out that our new books will be carried at major chain stores (it's a process to get into their systems, so don't run out today looking for them just yet!). I have made it to where I am today with the company because I've asked for guidance and then listened to it when it was gifted to me...and have been grateful every step of the way, even when apparent obstacles came up...I knew those obstacles were just a way to redirect me into a better flow.

In any event, it works, and I am GRATEFUL!


Meg Bertini