Monday, January 08, 2007

Ahhh .... Monday -- back to our daily routines .... however, the impetus you set up with your imagination this weekend will continue to work for you --- spend time with it each day, nurture your dreams and visions for your life !!

The following is a piece I received this morning from Rev. Angela Peregoff


Upon entering the door we just opened (2007), your imagination will prove to be your very best friend, because it is your greatest tool for manifesting thoughts and desires into reality. Napoleon Hill, author of the classic book, "Think and Grow Rich," noted that it is difficult for people to stay in the imagination, and that it takes practice and discipline to exercise the imagination to gain greater familiarity with its power. In the technology-driven world, the fine realm of imagination has been abandoned and replaced by a dependence on electronic gadgetry. It will be most important to provide plenty of time for your imagination to have many more restorative, free- roaming experiences. Extended stays in the imagination rejuvenate the body and facilitate the movement of accelerated energy from subatomic levels into physical reality. Nature facilitates heightened states of imagination. Your imagination is a very special, highly creative state of consciousness where you produce pictures that portray the future you envision for yourself; these inner images exemplify your dreams, goals and probable encounters. 2007 will be a year that tests all people on the clarity of their pictures! A groundswell of creative imagining and high inventiveness will reach a great peak in 2007, and it will be a grand seven-star year full of ripe opportunities for riding the new waves of energy. Conscious awareness opens new doors to the future, so what do you imagine your future to be?

I say let it BIG and GRAND, and let it fulfill you in the most joyous ways --

Thank God We're Rich!!

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