Friday, January 19, 2007

Day 17 of Round 2

The late Dr. Raymond Charles Barker was known for his prosperity consciousness. Today I share with you a Spiritual Mind Treatment I found in his last book "Spiritual Healing for Today"

I Praise My Wealth in God

All that I am and all that I have is the result of divine causation. I am the embodiment of the living Spirit. I am God in action this day. I give thanks that in the divine order my wealth is established, in action in my consciousness. It inspires me to live wisely. I accept my prosperity as being right and ever expanding in my consciousness. Every idea I need to maintain and increase the flow of properity is now in my thought, and I use it for my good.

My good never lessens, because spiritual causation never retreats. Former patterns of worry or fear regarding money are eliminated from my subconscious mind by this treatment which is the word of Truth spoken into the Law of Mind. Every door which needs to be opened for the continuous flow of money into my activities is now open.

All I need financially is established in my consciousness before I need it. My prosperity, being spiritually based, is not influenced by worldly opinions and other people's advice. As a spiritual individual I am independent in clear thinking. I give thanks that I know God is my source and that I shall always have all that I need when ever I need it.

And so it is.

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