Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 3 of Round 3

A message from The Universe arrived in my mailbox this morning -- written by the co-founder of Findhorn, the late Eileen Cady ...
How beautiful it is - read it with The Voice of The Divine resounding in your head and heart:

Start Each Day with Your Hand in Mine

You are here to live a life and not just talk about it. Why don’t you live it? There is far too much talk about how to live, but not nearly enough living. What does it mean to you to really live by faith, to start each day with your hand in Mine, with absolute faith and confidence that as you keep in close contact with Me I will guide your path, I will meet your every need, and that only the very best will come forth in your lives and living? Have you absolute faith that I know all your needs, that I am meeting every one of them, and that I want only the very best for every one of you? Or are you content to accept second-best? My love for you is infinite and all My good and perfect gifts are yours.Why not accept them with open and grateful hearts?

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