Friday, May 25, 2007

Day 24 of Round 3

In "This Thing Called Life" Dr. Ernest Holmes writes:

"... we shall learn how to use this Power consciously and intelligently both for ourselves and for others. We are going to be very humble in this, but with no sense of false humility -- humble as we stand in awe before the tremendous possibilities before us, while at the same time, radiant with expectancy as we contemplate the possibility of the blessings in store for ourselves and others."

The spiritual life is a constant learning process. Our consciousness needs to be upgraded, on a daily basis, as we too easily fall into the world way of thinking.

What beliefs about prosperity are floating around in your area of the world? or in your family and your circle of influence? What are you experiencing because of it? Have you settled for facts being truth? They are not!! The Truth is that the Universe is always meeting every need. Just look at nature if you don't believe me.

Thank God we can always choose again what we want to believe!!

I believe in this: Thank God We're Rich!!

Be radiant with expectancy!

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