Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 17

Dear Abundant Ones,

I remember sitting in Rev. Helen Street’s car, one night after a Science of Mind 300 class, crying my eyes out. I was also participating in a prosperity class she was teaching … and in between sobs I told her I was following all the class suggestions: I was tithing, I was giving seed money, I was asking and I was open to receiving … but things were getting worse instead of better!

She looked at me in that way she had that made one have to really be present, and asked “Who do you have to forgive?”

That started me on an adventure I will never forget. I had thought I was so conscious, so awake, yet when I began to think of various people in my life (like my Father for one, who rescued my little sister every time she got in over her head with her credit cards, and who bought her a new home, but never had any money when I needed help) I realized the energy I was holding against him was really blocking MY good. As I did my forgiveness work (and it was WORK) I felt the stuck energy begin to drain away, and my prosperity started to flow.

Rev. Helen went on to explain that unpaid debt, debt that causes you concern, debt that seems hard to pay, is really about a need to forgive. So I ask you:


There are many methods of forgiveness. I like a method of writing “I forgive ________ for _____________” 70 times a day for 7 days. If you’d like to know more about that method, write me. I also like the excellent worksheet on Colin Tipping’s website: Go to “free online tools” and then click on RF forgiveness worksheet. You will be guided through the process quite well.

If you think you’ve done all your forgiveness work (as I did when Rev. Helen first asked me the question) allow part of yourself to be your witness – and when you find yourself talking or thinking about someone or some event and any part of your body tightens – pay attention! Forgiveness work is needed!!

Forgiveness does not make what happened right – it allows us to free that part of ourselves that got stuck when the event happened. In our freedom, we become better channels for Life to move through us. I wish I could tell you forgiveness is easy …. It’s not. But it’s necessary for our own good. Go ahead, get it over with!! Unblock the flow!

Divine Mind now assists us in attaining and maintaining the consciousness of forgiveness!

Abundant Blessings, Rev. Angelica

YES!!! Thank God we’re rich!!

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