Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 3

Now that we know what our Intention is, we can relax for a moment, and turn this Intention over to God.

Oh wait – here’s something else we have to examine! What God do you believe in?

My teacher, the late Rev. Helen Street, said that within 5 minutes of beginning a conversation with someone, she knew the God they worshiped.

Perhaps we might understand this statement better if we listened to our conversations a bit more closely. For instance – a while ago a friend was talking about a wonderful cruise she and her husband are going on. I said “I’d love to go on a cruise.” She, being a travel agent, said “Let’s book you one.” I replied “Oh, I can’t afford that!”

Obviously at that moment, I was believing my god was a wimpy god – not the God of all possibilities I tell myself I believe in!! I want to turn my Intention over to an infinitely intelligence awesome Power for Good in this universe!! How about you?

Today your assignment is to listen – and come to an understanding of the god you really believe in – then change what ever is necessary. In my Science of Mind 101 class, I have my students create a Designer God … what qualities do you want your god to have? Give It that!!

Then turn over your Intention and relax !

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