Saturday, September 26, 2009

Day 16

Perhaps as you’re doing this Work, you might wonder where the limiting beliefs we’re letting go of came from …… well, this piece from Abraham-Hicks came in my e-mail this morning and I had to share it. I love their sense of humour!!

“Is It a Limiting Belief? Do you know that the only thing that can ever hold you back is your own limiting beliefs?

Now, what is a limiting belief? A limiting belief is a belief that contradicts your desire. That's it. Well, how did you get those beliefs? You just picked them up along your physical trail, and now you drag them everywhere you go. Do you do it deliberately? Do you say, "I think I will carry limiting beliefs around with me, to keep me from thriving, to keep me from being clear minded, to keep me from being safe, to keep me from being well, to keep me from being prosperous. I think I will just pick through the rubble of physical human experience, and I will just gather up a whole parcel of things that don't serve me well. And I'll carry them around and pass them on from generation to generation, and I'll make my life miserable with them and, hopefully, I'll pass them on to my children who will do the same?"

It's not like that at all, is it? Not one of your limiting beliefs did you pick up deliberately intending to do yourself or someone else harm. You did not do any of this in a deliberate way. You did it in an in-deliberate way, because you did not understand the power of your emotions. You did not believe that feeling good meant that it was good for you.”

Our limiting beliefs are nothing to be ashamed of, or afraid of. As you participate in this Campaign, allow yourself to let go, and let God fill you up with things and thoughts that FEEL GOOD!

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