Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 60 –

Yesterday I received wonderful news and was so in awe of the reception of the news as it was shared that I forgot to write Day 60!!

This has been a momentous Campaign for me. So many wonderful delights, and yesterday I received word I am now the new Senior Pastor of the Center for Spiritual Living, Baltimore, Maryland.

It means moving across the continent, returning to the United States, giving up family of choice and friends here. It means BIG changes in my life. Changes that I initiated by being willing to risk.

What are you willing to risk to have what you desire? Definitely we need to risk giving up the old consciousness for the new. We need to risk stepping off the cliff of the known into the unknown.

What I know for sure is that when we are willing to take the risk, and take the first step, the whole Universe rushes forward to support us in our endeavors!!

I thank you for joining me on this adventure in prosperity consciousness. I KNOW for you that Life is blessing you greatly. Open your arms, your heart, and your mind to receive.

Prosperous Blessings to you, Rev. Angelica


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