Thursday, November 05, 2009

Day 52 –

Have you heard yourself saying “I can’t afford it” lately?

Wayne Dyer, in his new book “Excuses Be Gone,” writes:

“I call this belief lame and a cop out, yet there seems to be almost universal agreement for its existence.

You originated in a world of abundance, which you unquestionably have the ability to access.

Whenever you discourage yourself with thoughts that your financial situation is preventing anything from appearing, that's an excuse. If you instead decide to bring abundance awareness into your consciousness, you'll shift your thoughts from I can't afford it to Whatever I need in the form of assistance to guide me in the direction of my life is not only available, but is on its way.”

YES, ‘assistance is on its way!!’ I’d much rather believe that than ‘I can’t afford it’, wouldn’t you?

We know our assistance isn’t going to magically appear. It might look magical, and that’s always fun, but it is really by right of consciousness. It will come about because of our expanding our consciousness to include it.

I KNOW for each one of us today that we receive some unexpected income just because we’ve read this and allowed ourselves to believe it.

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