Sunday, June 03, 2007

Day 32 of Round 3

Many years ago, I remember sitting in the car of my teacher, Rev. Helen Street. She had given me a ride home from a prosperity course she was teaching. I started to cry and told her I was doing everything she told us to do: I was asking, I was giving, I was tithing .... yet nothing was changing! I was still in debt and my income wasn't increasing. She looked at me very seriously and asked "Who haven't you forgiven?"

As I worked with this question, I was surprised to find out just how connected forgiveness and debt are. I followed my feelings about certain debts back to their originating point, I came to places I had refused to forgive either myself or others. As I did the forgiveness work (and remember, all prosperity work is done in our mind and heart) I found that the old debts became unstuck !!

If you're in the place I was at that time, I'll have to ask you: "Who haven't you forgiven?"

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Good for people to know.